Refinance Fees Refund & Cancelation Rights

Refund Rights When Canceling a Refi Deal

Refinance Fees Refund and CancellationMany people might not know, but the Truth in Lending Act protects them as borrowers and allows them to back off a closed loan deal, and get 100% of the monies they have paid and invested back. If the refinance deal does not satisfy the borrower or they have discovered hidden fees or have cooled down after the signing meeting, they are still entitled for a full refund. The refinance cancellation and refund will be on all refinance fees and costs, even those paid already to third parties.

The refinance cancellation is not a common procedure by borrowers, at present times. In the past when the interest rates were racing up or down there were numerous cancellation of refinancing deals, when the locked rate became a ‘bad deal’ when it was time to sign the loan documents. The Truth in Lending Act protected borrowers, and permitted to back off from a deal they do not wish to carry on and complete.

The Truth in Lending Act is not blind to the lenders rights for honest protection, and there are some limitations and regulations, when and how the refinance mortgage deal can be canceled. There are also limitation in which cases the refinance refunds are entitled too.

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Canceling Before The Closing Meeting

Be careful not to mix up some basic terms, canceling before the signing of the documentation is not protected by the Truth in Lending Act. In case you decide to back off a deal before documentation has been filled, there might be a state or lender penalty! This penalty may reach $1000!

If nothing dramatic has occurred and there was no drastic changes in the lenders terms and refinance process, you better wait and sign all the documentation, and only afterwords, use the right and protection the Truth in Lending Act to cancel the refinance transaction deal.

The Right of Rescission Protection

The Truth in Lending Act protects the borrower from the moment the mortgage refinance loan papers are signed, and within the 3 day rescission period.

The right of rescission, is given to the borrower before they commit themselves into one of life’s most challenging deals, it is a right that is given to prevent people from signing papers under pressure, or signing documents they do not fully understand.

This law protects any borrower taking a mortgage and home loan, but unlike regular mortgage borrower, or first time buyers, the refinance Right of Rescission permits total refund of money paid by the borrower in the process.

The full refund of fees and costs paid by the borrower include those the lender have collected and paid to third parties like appraisal fees, inspection fees, broker fees or title search fees. Even if the fees have been paid directly by the borrower (and not by the lender) to the third party, they are refundable by the Truth in loans Act.

Fees and costs which are not refundable are those which not directly connected to the credit transaction, as fees paid for home improvements or costs for for a building permits.

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Which Refinance Loans Are Protected By The ‘Right of Rescission’

The Right of Rescission refunds is not automatic, and not eligible for any mortgage refinancing process. See below to learn in which terms the refinance fees refund is covered by the law.

  • New Lender – The Refinanced mortgage needs to be by a NEW lender. If refinancing with the current lender, the refund rights do not stand for you.
  • Getting A Larger Home Loan Amount – The 3 days rethinking is allowed by the Right of Rescission only when a larger amount of loan is involved in the refinancing process.
  • Cash Out Refinancing – If you are taking cash out refinancing, and taking a larger amount against your home, the 3 days rescission period counts for final acceptance of the new mortgage terms and payback schedule.
  • Home Needs to Be Principal Residence – The right of rescission on refinancing applies to events when the main residence is at stake, and emotional pressures might have been part of the decision making.
  • Home Equity Line and Installment Loans – Though these are not refinancing loans, borrowers of these kind of loans have the right to cancel the loan within 3 days from the mortgage/loan closing meeting.

Follow These Exact Steps For Refinance Cancellation

Unfortunately many people do not follow these steps as they have been requested by the law, in the exact manner the law abides. If for example a person calls the mortgage broker and tells him he have decided to use your right for cancellation by the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) and requests a refund, he is not entitled for a refund nor for the cancellation to take place.

The exact way to rescind during the rescission period should be:

  • Three Days Notice – The law allows to give a cancellation notice within 3 business days. Day ‘One’ is the day the refinance documents have been signed. The law specifies that the rescission period will be over (like Cinderella) at ‘Midnight’ of day ‘Three’.
  • Business Days – These 3 business days include Saturday (but not Sundays) and do not include legal public holidays. So If you have signed refinance papers by Thursday morning, the rescission period will be over at midnight 24:00 of Saturday.
  • Written Document – The only way to rescind and cancel the loan is by writing a letter to the lender. Any other way such as calling or meeting them at the office is not enough to be covered by the law.
  • Documented Notice Delivery – It is best that your cancellation letter will be documented by some way to prove the delivery time was within the 3 day limit. Request a signed approval from the lender for the rescission letter delivery otherwise the lender might claim the notice was delivered beyond the 3 day limit.

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