Is It Worth To Refinance My Mortgage 2015

What To Do When It Is Time To Refinance a Mortgage?

Like everyone else, you probably heard that everyone is speaking about ‘refinancing their mortgage’.. You probably too asked your self some of the most common questions home owners with a mortgage ask: Should I refinance my mortgage ? I NOW the right time to refinance my home loan ? What does it mean  ? who can do it ? Is it really worth to refinance my mortgage ?

So here are some of the major guidelines for learning “Does It Pay To Refinance My House“.

Is It Worth To Refinance My Mortgage 2015

1. Do you want to save and check if your monthly payments can be reduced. While refinancing your payments will be reduced if you get a lower interest rate. The monthly payments can be reduced also if the lime length of the loan is extended.  If you think on going on the extended term possibility, just bear in mind  the interest rates you will be paying will be higher during the life of the loan. This alone is when refinancing really pay.

2. Do you want, or can you reduce the number of payments left ? This means finishing off the mortgage sooner than originally planned. If you shorten the length of your mortgage by reducing the term of the loan, the mortgage will end sooner but your monthly payments will go up.  Make sure you can stand the raise. Use one of the mortgage payment calculators. Though the payments rise you still will be saving some of the loan interest rates, and will be a ‘free home owner’ sooner. Is it worth to refinance a mortgage

3. Compared to the mortgage rates the credit card rates are much higher ! So in case you have huge credit cards debt, you have a possibility to refinance and borrow more than the current loan balance. It is up to your home owner financial education and ability to use the extra cash wisely. Pay off high interest debts such as credit card balances or bank or lenders installment loans. If that loan is the only mortgage you have, you will be able to continue deducting the mortgage interest from your Federal income taxes 2015 while it actually payed off your other debts.

4. A refinancing program might allow you to consolidate 2 loans into one. This means that instead of paying back 2 separate loans, now at 2015 they will be both combined into one new loan to pay. In many cases when you get the best mortgage rates the payments will be lower in the over all.

5. When thinking of a refinancing solution for your mortgage, refinancing will help you convert an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) into a Fixed Rate Mortgage (FRM). At Fixed Rate Mortgage (FRM) the lender can not increasing your monthly interest payments over the life of the loan. Which he can and does usually at the ARM home loans. This means your monthly payments will not change dramatically over the years which will help you plan your financial moved some time a head.

Should I Refinance?

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It is worth to check what the government can help you with the Home Affordable Refinance Program  – HARP. These are some of the best out there for those who qualify.

Before you refinance, you must know, improving your FICO score even by 30-40 points makes you a better negotiator with the lenders.  You will get better rates, and save a lot of money on monthly payments.

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So What Can You Do To Improve Your Situation?

If you will do nothing.. don’t expect anything to happen. The best advice is to bump your credit score up! It will give you better leverage when facing the lenders, and better negotiation position when applying for any financial need.

Lets not forget you are probably paying $500-$1000 extra per year in higher interest rates, and credit payments.

If your score is below 700, you might want to clean it yourself – get this ‘Credit Repair University’ which will save you money and time.

Yes, you might need to invest a small sum to get a grip of things.. But if you think education is expensive.. try ignorance..

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You are probably paying thousands of dollars per year in fees and interests to credit companies which could be going straight to your pocket. Don’t be cheap when it comes to financial education..

Ignorance costs more.


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