Home Buying Inspections You MUST DO Before Closing

Never Skip These Home Buying Inspections

 refund of your earnest moneyWhen buying a home there are some home buying inspections you must do and never skip if you want to be sure you are not paying money for a scam offer. The inspection period allows you to back down from any deal if you find evidence that the property is not worthy to buy.

Non of us have X ray eyes, and most of us are not mechanics or structure engineers, and most of us are not too informed on Lead Paint disclosure obligations and other legal aspects of laws and regulations regarding home maintenance and keeping.

For this it is well advised to call professional people to check the property for you. This gives you the peace of mind that you can go through the deal and get the home or apartment you expect.

Refund of your earnest money

If there are major flaws which have been found during the inspection period, you can back off the deal and still get your earnest money back. If you find any flaws after the inspection period, than you can not cancel the deal and get the earnest money that easily.



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