2015 Government Home Loans First Time Home Buyers

Government Home Loans for First Time BuyersHome Loans for First Time Buyers

Even in these economically-challenged credit markets, it still possible to find home loans for first time buyers, though the work that’s going to need to be done to find a first time home buyers loan will be a bit harder than it used to be, for fact. That’s because banks and lenders have tightened credit requirements and are generally requiring more documentation than in the past.

How Is Your Credit Score

Still, mortgages for first time buyers are out there, waiting to be plucked, for the prospective home buyer with even a small down payment. There are even still plenty of lender programs that offer  low down payments loans to those with outstanding credit and extensive payment histories. The trick, of course, will be in finding and then negotiating with the mortgage lenders for these federal mortgage loans for new homebuyers.

Have you heard of the Credit Repair University? It is used by thousands across the country, guiding them step by step how to increase their credit score..

And this is where the power of the Internet comes in, because first time home buyer lender companies are out there, some need to be searched a bit bellow the surface. You might think of heading down to the local credit union or savings and loan institution to ask for an first time home buyer lender application. The foot work is the only thing limiting one’s ability to find as many Government loans for new home buyers as possible. Head online, pull up a search engine and then enter in a likely phrase having to do with home loans for first time buyers.

Chances are, hundreds of mortgage lender companies search results will be returned and the chore will be in separating out what is truly a series of good programs aimed at government HUD loans for first time buyers and what is just an enticement for a loan which may not be specifically tailored to first-time buyers. Generally, what’s recommended is to pick out a couple of websites that put buyers together with lenders, first of all.

Good Offers For High Scores

Just keep in mind that many of these brokers and bankers might try to move people from programs aimed at home loans for first time buyers into some other sort of loan program that requires a down payment. Remember; if a prospective home buyer has a credit score above 700, there’s almost no reason to consider any of the other loan programs being offered.

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Take Action Before Too Late

If the prospective buyer score is lower than 650… it is not hopeless for them! There are easy ways to raise the credit score, it actually can be done within a few weeks.. they need to follow the ‘Credit Repair University’ road-map and their credit will be in cleaned and raised.

For people with really bad credit score lower than 600 or 550 there is one way to get a life-jacket for their financial storm. There is a legal ways which can be used only once! To get an excellent credit score in 15 days. With this program you get a second chance which is given only ONCE in a lifetime to each person by the government. So if your score is ‘helpless’ grab Credit Repair University opportunity.

Most lender programs aimed at getting home loans for first time buyers come with higher credit requirements. Those requirements are usually higher than the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) credit requirements! Though lending companies recognizes they are driving borrowers away with these high credit requirements, they just can not risk another crisis. So while they live on new home buyers, they need to give up some low credit customers to stay financially fit.

FHA Loans

FHA approved lender list for first time buyers still exist even in current tightened credit markets. Use the Internet to find the right lender with the right rate and who’s looking for potential buyers with good credit. After that, it’s a matter of how soon and how hard one wants to work to repair their credit score.

“…and the best time is now”.


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